Artwork Guidelines

Our goal is to make the art submittal process accurate, timely and convenient. If you cannot provide your artwork in the following formats or if you are unclear about what to give us, don't hesitate to give Bailey Sign a call! 1-800-539-SIGN.

Supported Applications

Photoshop - Supply an un-flattened PSD or TIFF file. Avoid JPEGs.

Illustrator- Supply AI file or PDF.  Outline all text.

InDesign / Freehand / Quark Express - Supply PDF file only.

Corel Draw - Supply CDR or PDF files.  Convert all text to curves.

Contact us before using feather and shadow effects or texture fills.

FONTS: All fonts used to create the text should be sent with artwork, including fonts embedded in placed images. Illustrator or Corel documents should be converted to outlines/curves.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT FILE RESOLUTION: Most file types are made of pixels. Pixels are single units of color that, when viewed together, make up an image (they look like little squares when viewed close in). The more pixels in an image, the better it looks. By better we mean a crisp image with refined transitions between tone and color. An image with low resolution contains fewer pixels, resulting in a jagged look.

The way we measure quality is by setting the number of pixels in an image. It's called dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch). Please save your image to the final size of what we will be printing that artwork at with the final resolution being set at a minimum of 72 dpi. For instance, if you need a 4'x8' sign printed, do not provide image artwork the size of a business card or letterhead. Your artwork should be saved 48"x 96" (4'x8') at 72 dpi or higher.

COLOR SAMPLES: To evaluate the color and resolution before receiving your finished product we recommend ordering a full-scale section print for your approval.


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