Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), or outdoor LED signs display multiple messages, graphics and formats for flexible, targeted marketing. With electronic messaging signs you control your sign’s message and graphics to match the profile on the street. LED signs offer great versatility as shown in the photos below.

Also called Electronic Message Boards, these signs tailor a message for lunch hour crowds, morning commuters, daytime shoppers, or one time visitors. Efficient and targeted, electronic messaging eliminates the time, labor and costs of changing advertising copy - what could be better for business?

Electronics Message Centers add a versatile, dynamic component to your signs. Because you own the medium, you can change and tailor your message as often as your business or organization requires. Easily programmed, electronic messaging can reach one-time visitors to your area, promote special events, short term sales and other business specials. When you invest in a business-building asset like an Electronic Message Sign, Bailey Sign ensures that you have the support you need to use it effectively. From programming to maintenance, we stand behind our work and your business. Our Electronic Message Boards are designed to stand out and proven to perform.


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